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LSL Supplement’s SAMe raw material is derived from natural sources, using a process that maintains the integrity of the naturally occurring isomer ratio. Therefore, our SAMe constantly tests at a ratio of over 70% active SS isomer, to less than 30% of the inactive RS isomer.

When purchasing our product, customers can be rest assured that they are getting the highest quality and most potent SAMe available on the market. That’s why leading nutraceutical companies rely on LSLS for their SAMe needs. Life Science SAMe is the SAMe you can trust.


  • Available standard in 200mg and 400mg active dosages (custom dosages are available upon request)
  • Enteric-coated tables for optimal absorption
  • Standard colors: Yellow, White, Clear (custom colors available upon request)
  • Cold form blister-packed to ensure freshness
  • Customer foil printing, including company logo
  • Full 2 year stability rating
  • Vegetarian with no animal byproducts
  • Star K Kosher certified